Window Opening Hours Sticker 04

iproduction opening hours sticker
iproduction opening hours sticker

Window Opening Hours Sticker 04

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A professional looking business hours sign, complete with stylish business name above. This stylish opening hours sign will stick firmly on your shop window or office door to display your business name and opening times. This opening hours sign can be applied to windows, doors or any flat surface. Very popular with shop windows and doors. It looks great on glass but can be used on any flat surface. Opening hours signs can be used by any type of business, shops, salons, dentists, offices, factories and more. Let your customers know who you are and when you are open.

In case you have specific size to be cut, please don’t hesitate to contact us prior to order. We will give you a unbeatable price for you.

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How to order your window opening Hours sticker
Simply enter your business days and hours in the “Your Letters” box. We will customize this business hours sign sticker with your opening hours. When you receive this product, it is ready to apply to your preferred surface, very quick and easy. This item is typically produced in a mirror image (reversed) format so as to be read correctly from the outside when fitted on the inside of your window or glass door. If this is not for a window or glass door, please choose OUTSIDE/OTHER FLAT SURFACE from the placement options. Many people choose to stick these decals on the inside of windows/glass doors facing out, in which case choose INSIDE WINDOW (Reversed). However, if you are sticking it on a painted surface or an outside window or door, then choose outside/flat surface option.

This window opening hours sticker will be provided in inside format (reversed) by default unless chosen otherwise. Available in a variety of colors, please choose your color from the options. If you have your own logo that you would prefer to have at the top of the opening hours sign, then please get in touch prior to ordering and we will advise.

This is an all in one professional looking precision made business name and opening times sign sticker. It does not come in pieces or have a background. Therefore, it will look professionally painted on when applied, comes with easy to follow instructions. Has no background, so will not bubble or peel off easy. Opening Hours signs are fast and easy to apply without tools in less than a minute. Lasts 5+ years outdoors and even longer indoors. Easy to remove.

Typically produced within 1-3 business days